Brief summary of the epidemic prevention against novel coronavirus for 2020

Release Time:2020-02-10

Three weeks after work resumption have passed before we realized. The Company still maintains the outstanding achievement with 0 suspected case and 0 infected case. Thank every employee and leader who has made such efforts.

At the beginning of the pandemic, Yang Xiaofeng, general manager of the Company, gave up the chance of returning to his hometown and settled in Shanghai. He deployed epidemic prevention to all departments in the form of teleconferences. All departments quickly entered the working state. General Affairs Office prepared epidemic prevention management documents, Human Resource Department performed statistics of personnel information, Purchasing Department went to look for epidemic prevention materials, and Information Department provided support for remote conferences. All departments worked together to promote the orderly development of epidemic prevention. Complete management documents, complete epidemic prevention materials and work flow with measures in place make SEEYAO one of the first lot of enterprises to resume work ahead of schedule in Jiading District.

Head of Jiading District, CCP Party secretary of Waigang Town, deputy CCP Party secretary of Waigang Town, general manager of the industrial park and general manager of the industrial zone came to our Company one after another for inspection, and affirmed our Company’s work resumption and epidemic prevention. On February10, Lu, head of the district, pointed out during his visit that currently enterprises must focus on safety, implement related actions as required by corporate work resumption, guarantee employees’ lives and health, and start business and production in a proper manner.

February 8 was the first day for work resumption. Employees repeatedly reviewed by Human Resource Department entered in order from the gate of SEEYAO. “Masks, goggles and gloves” fully armed security personnel held thermometers for each employee to measure their body temperature, hand disinfection and received masks. Employees one after another entered their own work posts, offices were regularly disinfected, and with scattered dining areas, everyone could be trained about knowledge of epidemic prevention so that all employees had full confidence in epidemic prevention.

It is everybody’s duty to combat the pandemic. We thank those busy with the arrangement of materials for epidemic prevention, thank those entities for donating materials for epidemic prevention and thank those working personnel engaged in epidemic prevention. Let us join efforts to build “long acting vaccine” against the pandemic with confidence, and make our possible contributions with our practical action so that there will be a tremendous power to combat the pandemic. We will surely win the battle.

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